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Dean "Big Show" Mousseau

February 16, 1970 ~ November 30, 2018 (age 48)

Dean Mousseau "Big Show" of Ebb and Flow First Nation passed away on Friday, November 30th, 2018 at the age of 48 years.  

Dean was born on February 16, 1970 in Swan Lake, Manitoba to Wilfred and Bernice Mousseau.  
Dean was also known as The Big Show and the gentle Giant.  He was kind, friendly and always smiling, slow to anger if at all.
Dean was always busy doing something.  He took pride in everything he did, whether it was driving the school bus or his job at the school. 
Dean took great pride in making sure the school was clean, especially the gym floors.  He would make sure they were as shiny as can be and then send me a picture.  He was diligent in making sure the floors were kept clean, he would go there to make sure the floors met his standards….if not, he cleaned them himself.  He told Tyler….They don’t do it properly!!  Dean also liked to tease, especially his aunties he worked with at the school.  Everyday he would say to Peggy…Oh you’re here??!!   Or if anyone missed a day, he would text them and say….Must be nice!!  August 2019 would have been 20 years he was working at the school.
Dean drove Bus #4 for Thelma for the last 12 years.  He always made sure the kids were safe and greeted them each with a smile.  He was diligent in maintaining the bus and completing all of the necessary paperwork. 
Dean also taught Bus Driver training with Mugs.  They enjoyed many road trips to places like Dakota Plains, Sioux Valley, Dog Creek and Crane River.  If I know them, they had a blast.  Dean will always be with you Mugs.
Dean loved playing pool, golfing, playing ball and camping. 
Dean travelled to many places to play pool.  He was dedicated to his pool league in Winnipeg and would travel there once a week to play.  Sean enjoyed meeting up with him to watch him play and share some laughs.  He also travelled to Vegas, Walker, MN, Edmonton, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Brandon and many other places in the area to play.  His most recent trip was back to Swan Lake a few weeks ago with Darrell.  Darrell will forever cherish that time spent with Dean and Bobby back home in Swan Lake.  
Dean also loved to golf whenever he had the chance.  I recall my uncle Darren calling Dean his “summer wife” because of all the time they spent together golfing.  Dean was also Clayton’s 2 man best ball partner.  Dean played in as many tournaments as he could either single, 2 man or 4 man. 
Dean was also an avid ball player.  He played for the Ebb and Flow Lakers and played recreationally when he had the chance.  I’m sure he leaves a huge void with all of the people he played with, but also some great memories. 
Dean had a travel trailer and loved to go camping, he liked going to Forrest Hills and especially Margaret Bruce Beach.  He loved spending weeks at a time at Margret Bruce Beach.  He described how he would wake up before the sun came up and just sit there watching the sunrise.  He said it was so quiet you could hear it.  Lloyd and Candace could not pass up the opportunity to share in that experience and are grateful for the time spent with him and Ashlee there.  Candace said it was exactly like he described.  Margaret Bruce Beach was his happy place. 
Dean was always there for me to back up trailer because I couldn’t do it.  Every time I asked him he would give me heck and say You should learn to back up your own trailer, its’ easy, I’ll teach you!!  I told him, I don’t need to learn because you always do it for me.
Dean also like to consume some adult beverages once in awhile. This past summer Tyler, Deanna and I went to WeFest with him in Detroit Lakes, MN.  We had to pick up Dean at the casino in Thief River Falls on the way and he was anxious to get going, but if anyone knows my sister, she always has a million things to do.  Anyway, he kept texting us wondering where we were.  When we got to the casino, he was standing on the highway in the rain! He jumped into my truck and said I had 4 smokes waiting for you guys AHHH!!  He said he only wanted to hear one song…..that was If It’s Meant To Be by Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha.  Dean often spoke about his first WeFest experience years ago with our mom and dad, uncle Harry, aunty Mary and Darrell. Sounds like a good time was had by all!!

We often talked about how Dean reminded us of our dad and uncles, his looks, his mannerisms and the way he spoke.  Dean’s kind and gentle manner was a trait he shared with all of the Mousseau boys, Lloyd, Mike, Darrell, Bobby and the Late Brian Mousseau.  He loved going to Swan Lake and visiting family.  He often referred to it as God’s Country and felt a very strong connection to the community and our family there.
Dean also like to occasionally play radio bingo, if anyone in our family won, he would text the word…..MEDICINE!!! 
Our mom fondly refers to him as the “Cookie Monster”, Dean would often come over for tea and raid my moms cookie jar.  His favourite cookies were the maple ones.  Mom and Deanna always made sure the cookie jar was full for him.
Growing up, our cousins have many fond memories of playing kick the can, baseball or tackle football in my koko’s yard.  One time when we were playing tackle football, poor Mugs got the ball and one of the first people to jump on him was Dean so we all piled on top.  When Mugs finally crawled out of the bottom bawling his eyes out, he held his hand up showing his dislocated finger!! I’ve never seen anything like it!! We can laugh about it now and still blame Dean for that injury.
Dean was a huge Winnipeg Jets fan and enjoyed going to games with family and friends.  Thank you Shauna and Sonny for the Jersey he will wear when he makes his journey.  
Our family dinners were always a time to get together and eat which we all do very well.  I recall dean saying….you shouldn’t cook like that!! While he rubbed his full belly.  Those will never be the same, but we will be thinking about you.
 Dean often talked about how proud he was of his son little Dean and daughter Ashlee, whom he leaves behind.  He was also very honoured to be Aushia’s godfather.  Also left to cherish his memory are his mom Bernice Mousseau, brother Gerald Pompana and his family, Derek Mousseau and his family, Deidre Reis and her family, Deanna Racette and her family. Godparents Charlie and Francis Monteyne
When Dean makes his journey, he will be met by those who have already made theirs, His baby girl Danielle, His father Wilfred Mousseau, Brother in law Dave Reis, Paternal grandparents, Gilbert and Elizabeth Mousseau, Maternal grandparents Joe and Rose Houle. Aunts and uncles; Harry and Mary Mousseau, Beatrice and Alfred Mousseau, Robert and Louisa Soldier, Violet Flett and many other family and friends.
On behalf of our family, I would like to thank the first responders at the school and the hospital staff who worked tirelessly on him to try and help.  I know it was very difficult for everyone.  Please rest assured that you all did everything you could, feel no guilt or regret, Dean would not want that.
Dean was truly a special person, he touched the lives of everyone he met and those who knew him.  He has left us all with some great memories that we will keep in our hearts forever.  Journey well and say hi to dad for us, Love you brother. 
Thank you to the all of the people that have been there for our family, everyone who called, sent messages and came and sat with us.  Thank you also to the fire keepers and Swan Lake Singers Drum Group for taking the time to come and be here with us.

Prayer and Wake Services was held on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Ebb and Flow School Gymnasium, Ebb and Flow First Nation.  

Funeral Service was held on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 1:00 pm in the Ebb and Flow School Gymnasium, Ebb and Flow First Nation.  At the request of the family, those attending the service are asked to wear their Winnipeg Jets gear in honour of Dean.  

Interment in the Ebb and Flow Cemetery 

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